Interested in buying a new domain name for your website, blog or business? Read this article and discover why you should buy a generic domain name! Why generic domains are so important and why your brand needs one!


A lot of companies and businesses don’t have a problem investing resources, time, and capital into product management, development, staffing, infrastructure, and etc. However, very few of them have the understanding and the knowledge of the power of generic domain names and how important using the power of these domains is.

The companies that sell generic products differentiate themselves from their competitors by doing something different such as branding their company and proving they are different from all the rest. So, why exactly brand need generic domain names?

You need to keep in mind that branding is all about pricing and differentiation and domains are all about navigation. If you are planning on developing an online business, you will need both – branding and generic domain names!

Before buying a certain domain name, you need to make sure the name is suitable for your business! The name should be distinct, the name should have appeal, be unique, easy to pronounce, and memorable!

Domains are much more than an online address. The domain names are all important things in one – your online business, your brand, the products or services you offer online, your reason for being offline and online, and etc. A domain name can excite, inspire, entice, and motivate. Also, the name can bore, polarize, repel, and confuse.

Since the domain name is typed into the web browser, it should be easy to spell and easy to write. All of these factors can make a huge difference between being discovered and lost in the online world. You should know that not all brand domains are ready for the cyberspace.

Generic domain names are definitely the right choice when it comes to buying a domain name for your new business or brand. As long as the domain is descriptive and memorable you can use it!

If you think for a second, generic domain names aren’t just about branding, but for navigation as well. If you want your people to quickly locate your business online, then we highly recommend you to use generic domain names! Search through the names available and get one today!